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Power measurements are a major part of the engineering of automobiles and they help us in determining the exceptional abilities of the vehicle. It is important to under the knowledge of the whp to hp conversion. One of the most frequent metrics used to determine horsepower (HP) is a classic feature of vehicles on the market these days. However, there’s another term that often crops up in discussions about engine power: useful torque and wheel-horsepower. In this article, we’ll find out about WHP, analyze its link to conventional horsepower, and also bear in mind the conversion rule from WHP to conventional horsepower as well as the reverse procedure.

Understanding Wheel Horsepower (WHP):

Horsepower wheel as the word suggests, stands to the amount of power that goes to the actual tires of a vehicle. It is a measurement that is flexible. Therefore, it counts both losses driven by the transmission, the efficiency of the transmission, the friction of the wheels, and some other unstated factors. Similarly to genuine WHP in vehicles, the horsepower provided by the engine manufacturers is usually measured at the crankshaft near the engine where the figure fails to fully account for the losses that greatly affect the power.

The Importance of WHP in Performance Evaluation:

Motorsports fans and engineers in particular will find WHP useful in terms of evaluating a vehicle’s ability to meet or exceed its goal in terms of speed and acceleration. Its WHP is substantial, as it includes the energy lost in the process of transferring the power from the engine to the motion of the car by means of a drivetrain, thus the WHP is more accurate than the gross power. This is particularly true in the high-performance applications area, where even a second saving is decisive.

Conversion from WHP to HP:

There are quite a number of variables that lead to efficiency differences in drivetrains among engines. They range from the type of transmission used (manual or automatic) to the drivetrain configuration (front-wheel drive, fixe-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive) and the mechanical losses within the system. The efficiency in a highly-engineered sports car with updated drivetrain systems is going to be higher than on the older one or without optimized movement power.

The Conversion Formula:

The conversion between WHP and HP can be done using the following formula:

HP=WHPDrivetrain EfficiencyHP=Drivetrain EfficiencyWHP​


  • HP is the conventional horsepower.
  • WHP is the wheel horsepower.
  • Drivetrain Efficiency represents the efficiency of power transfer from the engine to the wheels, typically expressed as a decimal or percentage.

For instance, if a vehicle produces 300 WHP and has a drivetrain efficiency of 90%, the conversion to HP would be as follows:


Therefore, the equivalent horsepower would be approximately 333 HP.

Real-World Applications:

WHP to HP switch gets involved in many daily business activities, which include: tuning, dyno testing, and vehicle comparisons. Many motor sports fans employ dynamometer testing to ensure WHP figures are accurate and then convert the results into HP in order to compare with specified manufacturer values or in order to know which tuning element has the most impact on that power output.


As the last part, it is important to explain the connection between the rating of wheel horsepower (WHP) and the conventional one (the horsepower (HP). Sometimes it helps to evaluate the vehicle’s performance with accuracy. Wattage per horsepower measures the power that enters the wheels while horsepower depicts the horsepower or engine output that is accessible prior to the power losses in the drivetrain. Consequently, conversions of performance metrics into other ones are made by using the corresponding conversion factor and as a result, automotive hobbyists and engineers may reveal the true performance capacities of a vehicle adapting this for tuning, modification, and evaluation efforts.

In the attempt to explain this topic through the WHP to HP conversion, we wish to bring the readers closer to the physical aspects by means of the dynamic world of automotive engineering and performance measurement.


How much HP is WHP?

Wheel horsepower (WHP) represents the power delivered to the wheels of a vehicle. It typically measures lower than the engine’s brake horsepower (BHP) due to losses in the drivetrain, such as those incurred through the transmission, differential, and wheels. The exact conversion from WHP to BHP depends on the efficiency of the drivetrain components.

How is WHP calculated?

WHP is usually measured using a dynamometer (dyno) test, where the vehicle’s wheels are placed on a roller that simulates road conditions. The dyno measures the force exerted by the wheels and calculates power output based on rotational speed and torque. This measurement accounts for losses in the drivetrain, providing an accurate representation of the power reaching the road.

What is HP, WHP, and BHP?

  • HP (Horsepower): This term generally refers to brake horsepower (BHP), which is the power output of an engine measured at the crankshaft without any external loads.
  • WHP (Wheel Horsepower): WHP represents the power delivered to the wheels of a vehicle after accounting for losses in the drivetrain, including those in the transmission, differential, and wheels.
  • BHP (Brake Horsepower): BHP is the power output of an engine measured at the crankshaft before any losses occur in the drivetrain.

How to convert wheel HP to engine HP?

To convert WHP to BHP, you need to account for the efficiency losses in the drivetrain. The conversion formula is:

BHP=WHPDrivetrain EfficiencyBHP=Drivetrain EfficiencyWHP​

Where drivetrain efficiency is typically expressed as a decimal or percentage.

What does 900 WHP mean?

900 WHP (Wheel Horsepower) indicates that a vehicle’s wheels are capable of delivering 900 horsepower to the road. This measurement reflects the power output after accounting for losses in the drivetrain.

What car has the highest WHP?

As of the latest available data, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ holds the record for one of the highest WHP outputs in a production car. With a quad-turbocharged W16 engine, it produces an astounding amount of wheel horsepower, making it one of the most powerful production cars ever built.

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